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Wray Mine - Worked in 1920s and 30s for micaceous haematite and red ochre. Land publicly owned and access permitted.

Pepperdon Mine - Also known as Moorwood. Developed in 1930s and started production in 1940s. Closed in 1951 and
mine buildings converted to a private house.

Peck Pits - Early tin working, possibly 16th century or earlier. Series of large pits and waste dumps. Some workings visible from public path.

Casely - Iron mine, near site of earlier tin streaming on the Wray Brook. There are also some old workings visible from the public path on the opposite side of the main road (Lower Elsford Mine).

Kelly - Being worked in 1797. then intermittent use until 1951. See main pages for details. 

Hawkmoor - Opened in late 1800s. Closed 1902. On private land. No access.

Hatherleigh - Nothing known. Shaft filled in.

Shaptor - Opened in 1892 and worked until 1911. Some remains can be seen from the Shaptor Rock public footpath.

Plumley - Worked from 1896 until 1911. ln private ownership.

Yarner - 19th century copper mine. Part of nature reserve.

Devon Wheal Frances - Westward extension of Yarner lodes in 1800s. Some workings visible on open moorland.

Becka Brook - Tin streaming carried out. Probably medieval.

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